1.  “Shut up. No one here is going to be homeless. There’s a place for crappy artists and their families. It’s called Queens.”

To fully understand this quote and its meaning, you need to understand the circumstances it was said under. Flick said this to the hallucination of his brother when he was stealing the lease agreement of a struggling artist's apartment for a man who said he would pay him for his time. This shows the personal struggles going on within him. He recognizes that his actions could lead to be someone become homeless, his hallucination, but he attempts to cover it up by justifying his actions. Also, it shows his personal conflict with money and survival vs. his 'humanity'.

"“Goddamn it!” I bellow, directing my rage at the catwalk. “Why am I teaching some stupid hillbilly how to talk? What’s next? Teaching goats how to slow dance? Pigs how to play the piano? This is not why I’m here, Mandel! When are you going to teach me something useful?”"

This quote occurs when Flick is attempting to teach one of the other students how to act and speak properly. He gets angry because this seems so basic to him. This means that he grew up in respectable society, despite living on the street for the past while. It means, not only is he physically fit and a good fighter, but is also intelligent and sophisticated. 
2. I think this would be Flicks license plate, to remember his brother who loved Peter Pan and used to dress up as him. As well, when Flick has his hallucinations his brother is dressed as Peter Pan.


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