1. What are Hugo's Motivations? Why does he manipulate the other characters?
Hugo is jealous about his Fathers relationship with Odin and the other members of the basketball team, and how he seems to hold it above his relationship with his son. Hugo feels that he (his father) loves Odin more than him, and his father even said he wishes that Odin was his son. I believe he manipulates the other characters because he his very self centered and  believes that if he cant be happy then no one can be.

2. Why is Odin venerable to Hugo's Manipulations?
I think Odin is venerable because of the some of the personalty traits he displays, mainly jealousy and the hints at a troubled past. Odin is shown to be very jealous and slightly quick to anger, but also to be very in love with Desi. So when Hugo tells him the she is cheating on him it makes him angry and jealous and unable to think clearly he believes him and acts without 



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