The argument that resonated most with me was the "Luddite Argument" because of how ridiculous it seemed. One of the major arguments in the section was about bio-metric information and it being stolen, they used the example of having your eye pattern stolen by criminals. That would do  almost nothing, a bio-metric eye scanner looks at certain points in your eye and matches them, like how identifying finger prints work. A criminal with these points would not be able to do anything, the technology doesn't exist yet to recreate an eye, and even if it did, these points would not be enough by themselves. 

I believe the people trying to argue against this new technology, are the people who don't fully understand what it can do. Perhaps they watched to many sci-fi movies where "super criminals" hack into the poorly designed software and wreak havoc.
Short, Daniel. "Teaching Scientific Concepts Using A Virtual World - Minecraft." Teaching Science: The Journal Of The Australian Science Teachers Association 58.3 (2012): 55-58. Academic Search Premier. Web. 17 Oct. 2013.

This is a very good source for an unbiased, factual opinion on using Minecraft to help teach kids. There are several great examples of its use. One was people building interactive models of the human body to help kids learn in an immersive  environment. The article also talks about using the biomes the game features to teach about ecology and the earth. 

Stephen Fry has written an open letter directed at the British Prime Minister and the IOC. In the letter he states that Putin and the Russian government's actions are similar to Hitlers in the 1936 Olympic Games. Fry says that a total ban on the Russian games is “essential” and that they should be held in a previous host city instead. He compares the Russian’s actions towards gay people to the Nazi’s barbaric crimes against the Jews, mentioning his mothers family killed in Nazi Germany.

Stephen Fry is overreacting, but only slightly. He is already comparing Putin’s law to Hitler prosecuting the Jews, they both may seem quite similar but Putin is anything but a fascist, semi-fanatical dictator. In fact many ordinary Russians agree with the new laws and support them. despite this I still do not agree with the Russian Government's decision. At this point in humanity we should have evolved past racism and xenophobia. I have no problem with there being gay people, I do not feel that they take away cultural identity or any of the ‘reasons’ the Russian government has used. Even then, I still feel that canceling the olympics over human rights issues may not be the best course of action.