1."I can see the truth from where I'm standing now: in a darkened doorway that's been used as a urinal by every drunk on the block. The stench doesn't bother me that much anymore. Its's surprising what you grow used to... This is the first winter I've spent outdoors, and I'm still learning how to survive in the wild. Most of time, I'd force my self to stay put and endure the discomfort. But no one with a pocket worth picking has passed by my hiding spot, and i was just getting ready to call it a night."
This is an important quote because it sets the tone for the novel and how the character is living. It manages to develop the character by his narration "this is the first winter I've spent outdoors" meaning he lives on the streets, but has only started recently, and "no one with a pocket worth picking has passed by my hiding spot" meaning he is a pickpocket. 

"The fashionable types who have invaded the Lower East Side say they appreciate the neighborhood’s “grittiness.” But they don’t want to see real misery out their front windows. So Pitt Street has been left to the rest of us. It remains one of the last cute-free zones in downtown Manhattan."

This isn't a very meaningful quote, but it displays the main area of the novel, the East Side of Manhattan in New York, which helps to develop the story by adding specific places. 

A) It could be the construction site he slept at or Joi's house. 
B) An "object" that displays the "occupation" of Flick could be the wallet he stole. 
C) Something that represents the present time period in the book is the mention of iPhone's that Flick has stolen.
D) When Flick's brother appears to him while he is asleep shows that he may be under emotional distress because he's hallucinating.  


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